Tackling an Aquathlon event for the first time? Or maybe you are a repeat offender?

Here are a few notes from our experiences over the years.

Enjoy yourself being priority number one! Aquathlon and multisport events are great fun once you know how to tackle the challenge. Focus on the things you can control such as knowing the course, swim starting position, pacing and hydration. We have elaborated on these things below.


Lay your gear out the night before. Write a check list of swim and run gear to check through. Set your alarm!

Pack more fluids than you think you need. It’s always hot (even when it’s cool) so make sure you’ve got fluid for before during and after. Ideally an electrolyte drink to go along with water.

Race morning

  • Allow plenty of time to get to the race venue
  • Set your running shoes/ hat/ drink/ sunscreen up in transition.
  • Using a colourful towel to mark your spot is also good idea.
  • Untie your shoes laces. I’ve seen this happen MANY times before. Arriving at your shoes after swimming to see them tied together isn’t good it is only funny if you are a spectator. If you’re worried about a few seconds here and there you can purchase elastic laces and avoid the tying process all together.
  • Wear sunscreen (probably don’t need to elaborate on this one)
  • Know the course. (Don’t think, “I’ll just follow everyone else”. It’s important you know where you’re going) unless you want to run a few extra km’s?


  • Clothing: Ideally wear a Tri-Suit or Bathers. These are much easier to swim in, they reduce drag in the water and are especially important if you are worried about the swim leg.
  • Do a short swim warm up. Warming up relieves tension and gets your body ready for the day.
  • If you are worried about the swim start. Make sure you start to the side or a little back from the front line. This will ensure an easy entry to the water, minimal contact with other swimmers and a safe swim at your own pace. YAY!
  • Draft: If you can get on someone’s feet and draft, you will save yourself energy. This might be something for you to think about in future races once your confidence builds. Here’s a link to a YouTube video by Sara McLarty explaining different drafting techniques.


  • Start slow and build into your run. (Starting fast and fading usually ends in tears)
  • Break the run down into smaller segments – it may be aid station to aid station, 1km at a time or lamp post to lamp post. But focus purely on that short term goal in front of you and repeat! Before you know it….you will be on your way home!
  • Hydrate. Have a mouth full of water/electrolytes in transition before heading out on the run. Then also at any aid stations along the way.
  • Most importantly – Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the Finish Line!

We hope this helps you plan your day and ease you nerves. Aquathlon’s, Duathlon’s, Triathlon’s and multisport races are a great challenge and a lot of fun. The MetaSport series offers a variety of events for all abilities, so come along and join in the challenge.

MetaSport even offer coaching programs and training clinics if you feel you need a confidence booster or simply want friends to train with – a variety of abilities are catered for.


Guy Crawford

Aquathlon event
Aquathlon event

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