MetaSprint Series Waves


Loved the event and new format!!

I parked my car with 30 mins to go before my wave, still had to get changes into my trisuit etc. Arrived at checkin with 14 mins to go. Everyone was there to help me; I sorted out my kit and transition bag….. then bound my fingers (I dislocated my ring finger 10 days ago and all the ligaments are shot so have to support the finger with the middle one). Got to teh start line in time for briefing… no pushing no shoving, so relaxed…..

Wave started, the bliss of an empty swim course…no washing machine, no fighting for position, no bunching at the turn buoy; an empty transition so easy to find my kit, change…. and again an empty run course (although a few more ahead of me could have pulled my run even faster hahahaha).

Finish-line, smooth, relaxed, no congestion, bags waiting for me!

What an experience! Loved it! A no stress, chillax race!

And great to do away with body marking (never really saw the point); and the self drop off of timing chip. medal collection and drinks collection is hardly arduous, and saves you guys volunteers and things to do!

Sunday, with Emma racing, was same thing!

So a fab event, great to have racing back, and can’t wait for the Duathlon and Triathlon.

Well done and thanks to the entire Metasport team, the volunteers, and everyone who made this happen!




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