Elaine Young | MetaSprint Series Ambassador

Our MetaSprint Ambassador Elaine Young, shares with us her fitness journey and her tips to get started. 

  1. Tell us more about your fitness journey – how did you get inspired/started? 

I started triathlon 10 years ago when I came to Singapore for work and love. Prior to this, I was only a runner who ran to stay healthy and burn calories. My boyfriend at the time decided to sign us up for a race on a whim within 2 weeks of me landing in SG. I got a bike on day 2 on the red dot, and learned how to swim in my hotel pool. Trust me, I totally butchered my first race, but I was hooked!

  1. What’s your motivation behind all your training sessions/races?

I love seeing how my hard work consistently translates to small but notable results over time – it is so rewarding. Training and races have also allowed me to find purpose in everyday life and find friends who feel the same way. Now that I have a young child, it is also about showing her that you can achieve anything you set out to do.

  1. Share with us some of your fondest memories in MetaSprint Series

The Metasprint Series is where my triathlon journey started and so it holds a special place in my heart – it was where I barely got through a swim in the early days and met my first triathlon friends. It was where I had my first ever bike crashes but also where I earned my first podiums and medals. With my husband and I running a triathlon coaching company, it is now where I support and encourage many new triathletes each year to push their concept of what is possible and scream with joy when they cross the line and realise that IT IS POSSIBLE.

  1. What has been your greatest success in your triathlon journey?

It was setting the goal to qualify for the IronMan World Championships in 2017, putting 100% into training and crossing the line of IronMan Korea as the first in my age group and third woman overall. When I started triathlon in Singapore 10 years ago, that was never something that I thought I would be capable of – but after years of consistent training and challenging my limits, it was made possible. Being able to race in Kona in 2018 was one of the highlights of my triathlon journey.

  1. What has been your biggest race day or training fail (can be either serious or funny)

I have learned so much of what not to do in the sport by making the mistakes firsthand! To name a few, one year in the MetaSprint Series, I didn’t count my run laps properly in the Duathlon and got a DNF (this was after many years of racing Metasprint so it was pretty embarrassing!). I have also left my swim skin on while on the bike and rode out in a race and had to throw it into the bush. I’ve also expended all my CO2s on a flat in a separate MetaSprint Series triathlon and had to borrow a participant’s wheel in order to complete (but I did!). 

  1. What are some of the tips and advice for new athletes? 

Don’t be intimidated by everything you need to learn and pick up – it’s all part of the journey of exploring and learning to be an athlete. All you need is a community, a bike, a swimsuit, goggles, and a good pair of running shoes to start. Events such as the MetaSprint Series is a great way to test the waters in a safe and fun environment. 

  1. Do you have a bucket list race you’d like to complete? (Can be anywhere in the world)

I’ve done some pretty iconic races, Challenge Roth, Kona x2, but I would love to do Escape from Alcatraz one day, or Norseman!


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