Inspiring Story of Jay Serrano

Smile Asia is a global alliance of charities working to treat facial deformities. They raise the standards of medical care by creating opportunities for collaborative learning and the exchange of best practices. They deliver free surgical care through medical missions and care centres. These initiatives are also intended to build trust and bridge cultural gaps among different communities across the world.

Their work has given many new hopes to families across the world. One such inspiring story is that of Jay Serrano and his mother in the Philippines.

Jay Serrano was born with both cleft lip and cleft palate. His mother shared that people in their village called him names before his surgery. It did not help that his cleft palate also caused speech problems as he was growing up. It broke her heart because they laughed at Jay instead of showing him support. Often children like Jay struggle not only physically but grow up dealing with mental stress.

After learning about Smile Asia’s medical mission, they travelled to the mission site in Cabanatuan, hoping to repair Jay’s cleft. His family was excited when he was deemed suitable for surgery after being cleared by the health evaluation done by the Smile Asia team. Jay’s father told us that he dreamed of Jay attending school normally like the other children, and this would finally happen.

In support of Smile Asia’s work, we are proud to have the alliance as the official Charity partner of the 2023 MetaSprint Series. Visit them at their booth on 5 February, 19 February, and 5 March, and learn how you can be a part of their cause for children around Asia.


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