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MetaSport is a leading sport management company in Asia staging some of the largest and most established triathlon and cycling events in Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong, among which are the IRONMAN® 70.3® Bintan, Bintan Triathlon, Tour de Bintan, City60 Bike-Run Challenge, and the MetaSprint Series Singapore.

Singapore-owned, Metasport has its roots dating back to the year 2000, when it picked up that triathlon – a fresh, new, vibrant sport – had a bright future in Southeast Asia. The company launched its first event in 2005 and never looked back. The constant growth of its events and the ongoing increase of its market share is the reflection of an impeccable track record and uncompromising search for quality at all levels.

MetaSport also provides expert coaching to individuals and groups of all levels, from absolute beginners to high performance athletes.

More at: www.metasport.com


The Triathlon Association of Singapore is the national governing body for the multi-sport disciplines of triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon in Singapore. It is a not-for profit organisation, founded in 1992. TAS is also a member of the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC), the Asian Triathlon Confederation (ASTC) and the International Triathlon Union (ITU).

The Triathlon Association of Singapore offers membership with a range of benefits including Personal Accident Insurance, discounts from partners, eligibility to race at World Championships (Age Group athletes) and World Cup events (Elite athletes) and participate in coaching and technical official courses.  For more information visit:



More at: https://www.sportsingapore.gov.sg/


GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is an international school offering IB programmes from Pre-K to Grade 11, and IGCSE for Grade 9 and 10.  Some of our cutting-edge facilities include Olympic-sized swimming pool, early years swimming pool , indoor climbing wall, all-weather playing field, 750-seat auditorium to provide wonderful educational experiences for your child.

The GEMS Education global network of 142,000 students in 70 schools across 14 countries allows our students to interact in collaborative learning with other GEMS international schools.

More at: http://www.gwa.edu.sg/


PURE is a premium natural sports drink using real fruit, carbohydrates and electrolytes. It has been scientifically formulated to rehydrate and replenish your body while exercising. PURE contains no added preservatives, colours or anti-clumping agents.

When you open a bag of PURE the first thing you’ll notice is the amazing smell of fresh fruit. You will actually see real fruit particles in your drink bottle. PURE is refreshing, clean and easy to digest even during your hardest training sessions or events.

More at: https://www.drinkpure.com.sg/


Compressport is proud to be a 100% Swiss company with 100% European made products for people involved in sports activities. The brand in over 70 countries with numerous awards and is also the Official Compression for the Singapore Swimming Association.

During Effort

  • Our medically graded compressions provide an acceleration of the venous return from the feet to the heart. Muscles therefore benefit from improved oxygenation, eliminating the appearance of cramps.

Post-Effort (Recovery)

  • After an effort, Compressport fibre continues to apply its actions of venous return acceleration, providing support to muscles. Recovery between multiple sessions is quicker and made easier.

More at: https://www.compressport.com/


Singapore’s only bicycle mechanic school offering courses for both recreational and professional mechanics, Bike School Asia was established in recognition of the lack of formal training opportunities for bicycle mechanics in Asia, and the need to raise the standards of mechanic services in tandem with the increasing complexities of bike technology.

More at: www.bikeschool.asia


FHYSIO is a company that strives to bring fitness to you, just by keeping it simple.

Working closely with Allied-health professionals in different disciplines, we’ve developed a range of products that are customizable and can be tailored to your age and body type. We’ll teach you the different ways you can use our products – anywhere, anytime, safely and properly.

Use it at home, bring it to the office, or pack it in your luggage when you travel! Keeping fit should be fun, simple and fast. We hope you enjoy our products, and take your fitness home with you!

More at: https://www.fhysio.com/


PBT is a team of 21 individuals with a passion for life. Our aim is simple; we want to enrich people’s lives through movement. We believe that every body is different. Habits that form in our daily lives affect the way we move, and manifest differently in our bodies.

Whether to manage pain and injury or to increase enjoyment in a certain sport, career or family life, we believe that to live well, you have to move well. That requires flexibility, mobility and strength – what we call Mobility Fitness™.

It’s more than just about building muscles, losing weight or breaking a sweat. It’s about helping you to do things you love for a long, long time.

Our goal in 2018 is for every person at PBT to make Personalised Progress in their mobility fitness. Our clinics are designed to follow this theme of the year closely to be a relevant experience for you.

More at: http://www.pbt.com.sg/


Aqua Sphere is focused on developing products that active swimmers, triathletes and water enthusiasts desire. Working with elite athletes such as 4-time olympian Amanda beard or Ironman World Champion Faris al Sultan, Aqua Sphere Continues to innovate and offers a complete range of swimwear, wetsuits, eyewear and accessories.

More at: https://keypowersports.sg/collections/aqua-sphere


Pere Ocean is the only Singaporean-owned water company producing its own Fresh Natural Mineral Water from its own natural source, set in green and clean environment. As providing quality water products and excellent services to its drinkers is the company’s main priority, Pere Ocean is committed to excellence throughout every facet of its production process, its logistical process and its customer services.

More at: https://www.pereocean.com/


At recovery systems we understand that training makes you worse and recovery makes you better. Recovery Systems is a medical grade active air compression device for the legs, arms and torso that speeds recovery using air compression to increases venous return, rapidly accelerating the body´s eliminate metabolic waste faster  than any traditional mode of recovery, massage or rest alone.Recovery systems is a great competitive advantage for the competitive athlete who gain – faster turn around from training session,  quantity of training turns into quality, injury prevention and or recovery. Our Goals is to have you Fresher, Faster, Better. Visit https://www.recoverysystemssport.com/ for more information


Sentosa is Asia’s leading leisure destination and Singapore’s premier island resort getaway, located within 15 minutes from the central business and shopping districts. The 500-hectare island resort is home to an exciting array of themed attractions, award-winning spa retreats, lush rainforests, golden sandy beaches, resort accommodations, world-renowned golf courses, a deep-water yachting marina and luxurious residences – making Sentosa a vibrant island resort for business and leisure. Welcoming a growing number of local and international guests every year, Sentosa is an integral part of Singapore’s goal to be a global destination to work, live and play.

More at: www.sentosa.com.sg


Fitness First is one of the largest fitness brands in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia. In Singapore alone, there are 19 Fitness First clubs across the island. With over 48,000 members generating close to 3 million visits per year, Fitness First Singapore carries unparalleled brand equity in the country. With an unrivalled club network, a unique range of proprietary group fitness classes / experiences, class-leading fitness app CustomFit, and a reputation for great customer service, Fitness First Singapore is well placed to build on its leadership position in the fast-growing Asian fitness market.

For more information, please visit www.fitnessfirst.com.sg


NZ Fulvic is a mineral-rich tonic extracted and made in New Zealand.  NZfulvic enhances absorption and transportation of minerals and nutrients to our cells. Support the best you naturally, with NZfulvic

More at: http://sg.nzfulvic.com/

Surf Life


Surf Life Saving Marine Friendly SPF50+ Sunscreen

Australia’s Surf Life Saving advanced high protection Sunscreen formula offers you and your family the very best in SPF50+ Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection – whatever your skin type. Protect yourself and our marine environment.  Contains no oxybenzone.  Preservative Free.  Non-toxic to marine life.  4 hours water resistant.  Recyclable aluminum can.


More than just photos.

Over 20 years of combined experience in photography & endurance sport.

FinsherPix is one of the leading finishline and athlete photography companies worldwide. What differs them from their competitors is the perfect combination of experience, high technological standards and trendy social media know how. FinisherPix has been in the market and in the sport for over two decades and knows what’s going on out there. They understand how this industry has evolved and what race directors & athletes want: Quality. Reliability. Promptness. Personality. Cutting edge technical services. Trends.

Find out more here: www.finisherpix.com/


Tribe Solutions partners with the leading industry performance wear manufactures to offer athletes and fans state-of-the-art apparel and merchandise.  As MetaSport’s “Official Merchandise Partner”, Tribe Solutions will design and produce a premium range of items that will be available for purchase at our events.

More at: http://tribesolutions.com/

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