Series Points - Metasprint Series
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Series points

Challenge yourself and your friends, see who gets the most points after every event and in the whole series.

Newbies, this is also a great way to track your multi-sport progress.


How does it work?

  • Every participant earns points for every race he finishes.
  • The final Championship ranking is based on your Triathlon points total and your best points total from the Aquathlon and Duathlon.
  • Points are earned by your timing (time winner / your time * 100).

Example (for calculating points):

Your Time
Winner’s Time
Your Points
Aquathlon Result50mins40mins80.0
Duathlon Result1hr 20mins1hr75.0
Triathlon Result1hr 45mins1hr 15mins71.4
Total Points Series Champion:
Best Result Aquathlon / Duathlon + Result Triathlon
80 Points (Aquathlon) + 71.4 Points (Triathlon) = 151.4 Points Total

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