Schools Competition - Metasprint Series
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Schools Competition

The 2019 MetaSprint School Challenge is a fun packed race format for all ages.

It is set to be a truly exciting competition with Singapore’s best young triathletes taking part and challenging for the honour of their school being crowned the 2019 School Champions.

So be sure you register your school’s name when you complete your entry, let your school sports administrator know that you’re racing, and wear your school colours with pride on race day!

2019 School Challenge Leaderboard

Your school: 1000 points0%
Your school: 700 points0%
Your school: 600 points0%

2018 School Challenge Results

Marlborough College Malaysia11080
Lycee Francais de Singapore2700
National University of Singapore (NUS)3660
St Joseph’s Institution4500
GEMS World Academy (Singapore)5480
UWCSEA Dover6470
Singapore Management University (SMU)7430
Australian International School8410
Canadian International School9330
Dover Court International School10270
Marlborough College Malaysia1290
Lycee Francais de Singapore2280
St Joseph’s Institution3220
National University of Singapore (NUS)4180
UWCSEA Dover5140
GEMS World Academy (Singapore)5140
Canadian International School5140
Dover Court International School8130
Excelsior International School9120
Australian International School1090
UWCSEA East1090
Marlborough College Malaysia1490
Lycee Francais de Singapore2200
UWCSEA Dover3190
GEMS World Academy (Singapore)4170
Canadian International School5130
St Joseph’s Institution6120
Australian International School7110
Dover Court International School8100
Singapore American School990
Singapore Management University (SMU)1070
National University of Singapore (NUS)1450
Singapore Management University (SMU)2320
Marlborough College Malaysia3300
Australian International School4210
Lycee Francais de Singapore5170
GEMS World Academy (Singapore)6160
Singapore Institute of Management7160
UWCSEA Dover8140
UWCSEA East9120
St Joseph Institution International1080

How does it work?

Category PositionPoints Earned
1st Place100
2nd Place90
3rd Place80
4th Place70
5th Place60
6th Place50
7th Place40
8th Place30
9th Place20
10th Place10
11th onwardsN/A


Trophies will be awarded at the Youth & Kids prize presentations. There will be four trophies on offer over the course of the series.

  1. MetaSprint Aquathlon – School Challenge Champion
  2. MetaSprint Duathlon – School Challenge Champion
  3. MetaSprint Triathlon – School Challenge Champion
  4. MetaSprint Series – Overall School Challenge Champion (Accumulative points across 3 events)



  1. Eligibility for the School Challenge is upon having a minimum of 10 participants representing a school
  2. Participants can input their School Name when registering for the event
  3. MetaSport will inform the Schools of their eligibility for the School Challenge when the eligibility criteria is met
  4. School Challenge inclusion will only take place after the school confirms their involvement

School Tents

An area is available on event day in the heart of the event venue as a gathering point for schools. Schools with a minimum of 10 members can get a complimentary tent space. Email us if you wish to book a tent.

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