Safe Distancing Measures

The health and well-being of our participants, spectators and volunteers, and ensuring the safe delivery of the events are our utmost priorities. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will regularly update plans according to the guidelines of Singapore’s Ministry of Health.

The following precautionary steps will be implemented to ensure the safety of all our participants at the MetaSprint Series 2022, and to comply with Singapore Government regulations.

We would appreciate your best cooperation to support and abide by the measures listed below:

  • Book a time slot
    You must book a racing time slot.
  • Arrive on time!
    You are requested to arrive not earlier than 30 minutes before your start time
  • Don’t bring spectators
    Please do not bring any spectators with you to the race venue. One parent is permitted to accompany minors.
  • Only access with proof of vaccination or negative test
    Only participants, accompanying parents (for youth and kids), staff, volunteers and contractors that are vaccinated or have tested negative to COVID-19 are allowed to enter the race venue.
  • Check-in with Trace Together
    You must download the Trace Together app or use the Trace Together token for check-in and out (Apple users download; Android users download).
  • Collect race pack
    Your race pack containing your number bib, timing chip and swim cap will be distributed on site.
  • Waves do not mix pre-race
    Your wave consists of max. 25 athletes and does not mix with athletes from another wave pre-race. 
  • Keep a safe distance
    You must stay 2-metres away from other participants, volunteers and pedestrians at all times before, during and after the race.
  • Mask up!
    You must wear a face mask up until your race start, and immediately after you finish your race.
  • Comply with authorities
    You must comply with any public health and/or safety directions from organising staff; ambassadors; police; health or other government authorities during your race.
  • Contact-less Drink Stations
    Self-collect cups with drinks from the drink station tables on the run
  • Contact-less Finish Services
    • Remove your timing chip and deposit it in a dedicated container
    • Self-collect your finisher medal and drinks
    • Self-collect a new face mask and wear it as soon as you’ve caught your breath
  • Contact-less Celebrations 😉
    Please don’t hug or shake hands with any other athletes (even if you set a PB!).
  • Sanitise your hands
    Hand sanitiser is available at various locations; entry point, exit point, bag deposit, info booth.
  • Don’t linger after the finish
    You have 5 minutes to catch your breath in the recovery area after the finish line, after which you must collect your belongings from bag deposit and leave the venue. Do not linger outside the venue after you finish your race.

Check results online
Live results will be available on the event website.

Please also adhere to the general Covid-19 guidelines:

  • If you feel unwell (i.e. fever, cough) please stay at home and do not participate in the race
  • If someone in your household has tested positive for the virus, please stay safe at home for a period of 14 days.
  • Maintain good personal hygiene by regularly washing hands using soap and water or alcohol-based (at least 65–70%) hand sanitiser for 20 seconds
  • If you are over 60 years old, or have a health condition please take greater preventive measures
  • You are highly recommended under MOH advisory that everyone, in particular adolescents and younger men aged less than 30 years, avoid strenuous physical activity such as running for one week after the first and second dose.