It’s time to get excited about your upcoming Duathlon ORIGIN event. We have put together some checklists to ensure you have all the information you need for a successful event.  


Race Kit Collection

  • You were asked to select your preferred Decathlon store to collect your race kit and goodies. If you didn’t select a store (the deadline was 14 April) then your kit will be available at Decathlon Singapore Lab Kallang by default.
  • Your race kit and goodies will be available for collection on Thursday 22 & Friday 23 April  13:00 – 21:00, and Saturday 24 April 11:00 – 18:00.

    Your race kit consists of: 
  • Race bib: to be worn on the front of your apparel on the run
  • Security wristband: Wrap around your wrist
  • Numbered helmet sticker and bike flag (place on helmet and bike)
  • Extra wristband for the team’s runner
  • Extra wristband: for parents with kids in the Kids or Youth Category

Pre-race (week prior to event):

  • Sprint and Discovery distance participants: You must have booked a time slot to start your race.
  • Youth and Kids distance participants: Your start wave will be allocated by the Race Director. Your start wave has been communicated by email. Check the schedule for the wave start times. 
  • Parents must wait outside of the Race Venue while the kids are racing. Viewing spots are available.
  • Check the venue map for the start and finish location
  • Plan your travel to the venue to be on time. You should arrive 30-40 minutes before your wave start time.
  • Prepare and affix lights to your bike if you are racing before sunrise, or after sunset.
  • Review the detailed course map to familiarise yourself with the route
  • Download “Trace Together” app (unless you have the token) for the compulsory safe entry scan at the venue entrance.
  • If you are a first timer and want some tips for your first race click here.
  • Monitor your health status from 14 days prior to event day.

Must watch! Race day flow & Safety measures

Pre-race (before leaving home):

  • Double check your day to race and time slot booking on your confirmation email sent on 20 April to ensure you arrive at the venue at the right time. 
  • Wear a face mask while you travel to the venue and as you prepare to start your race. You may remove it when you are starting your race warm-up, but you will need to replace it for the race briefing.
  • Double check that you have packed your race kit, and all racing gear needed before leaving home.
  • Please do not bring any spectators with you.
  • Kids and Youth categories are allowed one accompanying parent.

Getting ready for Race start:

  • Arrive 30-40 mins prior to your race start time.
  • Show your time slot confirmation email sent on 20 April to officials at the venue entrance. Staff here will conduct a temperature check and check your TraceTogether check-in screen. 
  • The start flow for this event is different than in previous years, follow these steps:

    1) Have the numbered event bike flag pasted on your seat post and the numbered event wristband on your wrist before entering the venue.

    2) Collect your timing chip

    3) Enter the transition area and meet your wave marshal. Follow their instructions to find your allocated spot. Prepare your items for the race.

    3) You may do a run warm-up in the designated warm-up area. Note that once you have entered the warm-up area you won’t be able to re-enter the transition area until 10 minutes before your race starts.

    4) 10 minutes before your race starts a bell will ring, re-enter the transition area, listen to the race briefing and follow the Start Manager’s instructions. You will be asked to collect your bike, form a single line and proceed to the start line in an organised fashion. Do not rush or push to get to the start of the line!
  • Always abide by the safety measures, including keeping a distance of 2 metres from other participants or pedestrians during the event.
Important race rules to remember:
  • Your helmet must be buckled until you rack your bike in transition after the cycle leg
  • Your number bib must be secured on the front of your apparel before leaving transition
A few no-no’s
  • No drafting
  • No bare torso
  • No headsets
  • No bare-foot running on the run
  • Non-drafting rule: keep 5m (ie. 3 bike lengths) distance from the cyclist in front, unless overtaking. Once you are overtaken, you must drop out of the draft zone (which is 5m or three bike-lengths) before you may try to overtake the cyclist that just overtook you. Draft marshals will apply ‘Stop & Go’ penalties for infringements, for which cyclists must come to a full-stop with both feet on the ground, before they are allowed to continue.

For Relay Teams,

Team cyclist will:

  • Proceed through Entry gates, Transition, Warm-up and Race Start along with other athletes starting in their wave.
  • Return to transition, rack their bike and proceed to the “Team Relay” meeting point
  • Pass timing chip to runner
  • Exit transition and enter into finish area (aided by a volunteer) to collect medal, drinks and face mask.
  • Collect belongings from transition and leave the venue

Team Runner will:

  • Proceed through Entry gates to the Transition Area with their cycling team mate. Move to the Relay Handover Area, as cycling team mate leaves for the Start. 
  • Collect timing chip from cyclist 
  • Complete run course
  • Finish race and enter finish area along with other athletes to collect medal, drinks and face mask
  • Collect bag from the Transition Area and exit venue


  • Please no hugging or high-five’s (even if you do a personal best!)
  • Clear the finish line area immediately so other participants can finish.
  • Remove your timing chip and place it in the tubs provided.
  • Walk to the tables after the finish line to self collect: face mask, medal, water, coconut water.
  • If you have chosen to opt-out from receiving a finisher medal, you can skip this table.
  • You will be funnelled by volunteers into the recovery area. 
  • Put your face mask back on once you have caught your breath.
  • Head to transition to pack up your belongings.
  • Leave the venue as soon as possible.
  • Keep a safe distance. Do not linger or gather in groups outside the venue.
  • Remember to scan out upon leaving using the Trace Together app or Trace Together token.
  • When you get home: 
  • Share your result socially and hashtag us #metasprintseries
  • Check out our live leaderboard with your result constantly updated
  • Check final results after they have been published following the conclusion of the event.
  • Download your e-certificate.

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