Club Challenge - Metasprint Series
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Club Challenge

Club spirit is alive at the MetaSprint Series in all its colour, passion and livery. Be sure to round up all your team mates and register them for the race!

On race day, meet and relax at your own club tent, and don’t forget the Club Champion trophy is up for grabs – how much do you want your club name on it?

2019 Club Challenge Leaderboard

MetaSport Club: 1050 points0%
New Moon KHcycle (NMKH): 910 points0%
TriEdge: 600 points0%

Club Challenge 2018 Results

Club NameRankPoints
MetaSport Club11050
New Moon KHcycle (NMKH)2910
Arrivo Primo Singapura4560
SCB Triathlon Club5390
Club NameRankPoints
MetaSport Club1360
New Moon KHcycle (NMKH)2300
SCB Triathlon Club4230
Arrivo Primo Singapura5220
Club NameRankPoints
MetaSport Club1450
New Moon KHcycle (NMKH)2290
Vitol Asia3210
Arrivo Primo Singapura4190
Club NameRankPoints
New Moon KHcycle (NMKH)1320
MetaSport Club2240
A4 sports3160
Team Next Stage5150

The Club spirit is alive at the MetaSprint Series!  We aim to find out who is the fastest and loudest cheering teams over the course of the series.  Sign up all your club and school mates, wear your colours with pride, and enjoy the festive atmosphere in the tent area at each event!

Club Tent

A club area is available on event day in the heart of the event venue as a gathering point for club members. Clubs with a minimum of 15 members get a complimentary tent space. Clubs can bring their own tent or rent a marquee from us (minimum charges to cover cost). Email us if you wish to book a space/tent.

How does it work?

Every Finisher10
  • A club can be a formally-registered organisation, or simply a group of friends training together! Be sure to appoint a club captain for easy coordination.
  • Every club member who participates will earn points for their clubs! So the more the merrier, the point system rewards participation as well as performance.
  • The winners of each category are rewarded extra points, see the table above.
  • The Club with the most points at the end of the series will win the Club challenge trophy.


TeamFabian is a club primarily for track and field athletes and triathletes. Most of our athletes are kids and youth with a handful of adults forming our core. We usually send teams in for the MetaSprint series for triathlon, as well as the track and field series at the beginning of the year. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for more information.

We are a group of passionate student-athletes from Singapore Management University (SMU) The MetaSprint series is an event that our club members look forward to participate every year. It is one of the few events where our entire club congregates to participate in something that we all enjoy. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for more information.

The Hollandse Club is re-energising Singapore’s member club scene by providing a family centric, relaxed environment for our international members. We will be looking to send a team to take part in the MetaSprint Series 2018. Check out our websiteFacebook and Instagram for more information.

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