Club & School Competition - Metasprint Series
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Club & School Competition

How does it work?

Every Finisher10
  • A club can be a formally-registered organisation or simply a group of friends training together–only requirement being to appoint 1 club captain for easy coordination
  • Every club member will earn points for their clubs. The point system combines participation and performance.
  • Winners of each category are rewarded extra points, as per the table above.
  • The Club with the most points at the end of the Series wins the Club Challenge.
Important: Make sure you enter your Club’s name when you register for a race.

“Club of the Year” Award

Beside an individual-event ranking where the top 3 clubs receive a trophy, there will be an annual club ranking (total of points from the MetaSport Club Challenge series).

The club with the highest accumulated points will be crowned as the “Club of the Year”. The winner will be announced after the Singapore Duathlon, the last among the MetaSport events in Singapore.

The winning club will receive:

  • “CLUB OF THE YEAR” Trophy
  • Feature on the MetaSport website
  • Special souvenir for every athlete who earned points for the club
  • Priority queue at race kit collection for all the MetaSport Singapore events of the following year
  • Branded boards (x2 featuring club logo and “CLUB OF THE YEAR” mention) at all MetaSport Singapore events of the following year

Club Booth

A club area is available on event day in the heart of the event venue as a gathering point for club members. Clubs with a minimum of 10 members get a complimentary tent space. Clubs can bring their own tent or rent a marquee from us (minimum charges to cover cost). Email us if you wish to book a space/tent.

A fun way to be a triathlete.